MFA Knew about Hungarian Parliament Meeting from Website

BRATISLAVA, June 27, (WEBNOVINY) — The Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs learnt about the planned session of the Hungarian parliament committee in Komarno from the website of the Hungarian Parliament. „We consider this nonstandard and politically impolite. In addition, this does not match the trend of strengthening the atmosphere of positive communication and partnership, as agreed by our prime ministers and foreign ministers,“ said Renata Goldirova of the Slovak Foreign Affairs Ministry press department for SITA news agency.

Slovak Foreign Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajcak recognizes that we are a part of the Schengen area and does not question the right to hold such a meeting in Slovakia. However, elementary decency requires that the Hungarian Parliament notifies of such initiative the Slovak Parliament. „The way this event was organized and conducted is in contrast to the approach of the government of the Slovak Republic as well as Hungary to the development of bilateral relations,“ said Lajcak.

The Committee for Togetherness of the Hungarian Parliament is holding a session at the Selye Janos University in Komarno, southern Slovakia on Wednesday. Speaker of the Slovak Parliament Pavol Paska (Smer-SD) sharply protested. He said that the Hungarian Parliament did not inform anyone in Slovakia about the event at any diplomatic or protocol level. „I find it absolutely unprecedented for a national parliament of another country to organize an official committee meeting in another country,“ said Paska on Tuesday.


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