PM Fico Suggests Buying out Private Health Insurers

BRATISLAVA, July 2, (WEBNOVINY) — Prime Minister Robert Fico maintains that the profit of private health insurance company Dovera is about the same as the government reserve, which was allocated to increase salaries of doctors and nurses. In 2011, Dovera took EUR 40 million from public funds, thus the government should hurry with buy-out of private health insurance companies, Prime Minister Fico said on Monday at a news briefing.

„On the one hand, we are struggling, looking for reserves; on the other hand, someone is diverting money from public sources. After all, they do have an administrative fund from which to live,“ he said. Just one public health insurance company, in his opinion, would be the best solution for Slovakia. He said that unlike the other private insurance company Union, Dovera has not rejected talks with the government on this issue. Fico would like to discuss with health insurance companies how such purchase could take place and what would be the value of the private health insurers. „If it is something reasonable, I think we should go ahead with it,“ he said.

Prime Minister Fico first spoke about the possibility to buy the private health insurance companies Union and Dovera on Sunday on a political debate program on the public STV.


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