Auction for new green power plants to be renewed

OZE, obnovitelne zdroje energie
Foto: ilustračné, Getty images

The new leadership of the Economy Ministry of the Slovak Republic plans to renew auctions and support the production of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES). The auction was cancelled in early April due to the coronavirus crisis. However, the Economy Ministry does not rule out some changes in the auctions. „The entire process will simplify to get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy,“ the ministry told the portal The ministry did not want to specify when the auction is to be introduced. The current government’s program manifesto contains a commitment to ensure such a development of the renewables which will have ideally zero or only a minimum impact on the final electricity price. „In the current situation, there is no room for further increase in the final price of electricity linked to the construction of new facilities producing electricity from the renewables,“ the Economy Ministry stated.

Full story in Slovak: Aukcia na nové zelené elektrárne bude pokračovať, ministerstvo chce menšiu byrokraciu

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