Blackout threat unlikely, SEPS copes with situation well


The electricity transmission system in Slovakia is currently stable and safe and reliable electricity supply are not at risk, the head of the communication department at the Slovak electricity transmission system operator Slovenska Elektrizacna Prenosova Sustava (SEPS) Norbert Deak confirmed for the SITA news agency. He says that there is currently a very low risk of blackout and the situation is stable. “A possible increase in the risk may occur in the moment of blackout of the important services in a large number, for instance a massive rise in the number of infected key employees at the power plant or dispatching workplaces in Slovakia or continental Europe,“ Deak added. The company SEPS continues ensuring safe and reliable operation and management of the grid in a real time despite suspended production in large companies which led to the electricity consumption reduction. Several factors affect the development of the grid load and it is impossible to clearly specify the weight of the impact of the particular factor. “We may say that the grid load along with gross electricity consumption have been falling steadily since the introduction of the measures, aimed at mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 disease spread, in several economy fields, while the average temperature can be compared to the same period last year. We may implicitly say that the suspension or reduction of the operation in all large companies, including carmakers, led to the annual decline in the grid load and gross electricity consumption,“ added Deak.

Full story in Slovak: Blackout elektrickej siete zatiaľ nehrozí, SEPS situáciu zvláda

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