Bratislavska Teplarenska sends first millions to Cyprus

PPC paroplyn
Bratislavský paroplyn

The state-owned heating company Bratislavska Teplarenska has paid the outstanding principal payment of 9.4 million euros to the company Paroplyn Holdings Limited in order to avoid further interest payments and increase in company’s debt.

Cypriot company Paroplyn Holdings Limited has received the first millions from Bratislavska Teplarenska. The company, which is the part of Penta’s portfolio, has received the principal payment of 9.4 million euros from Bratislavska Teplarenska. Penta’s spokesman Gabriel Toth informed the portal that the company had thus stopped paying interests of approximately 120,000 euros a month. „We have settled the principal payment to avoid further interests and increase in our debt,“ a spokeswoman for Bratislavska Teplarenska, Jarmila Galandakova, confirmed. According to Gabriel Toth, the current outstanding debt amounts to approximately 24 million euros.

Full story in Slovak: Bratislavská teplárenská poslala na Cyprus prvé milióny

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