Coronavirus does not halt Slovak-Polish gas pipeline

Plynovod plyn
Ilustračné foto. Getty Images

The construction of the Slovak-Polish gas pipeline continues according to the schedule despite the current corona crisis. The company Eustream, which is in charge of the construction of the new gas pipeline in Slovakia, has faced some complications due to the measures against the spread of the coronavirus. “The truth is that the restrictions at the borders, especially with Hungary and the Czech Republic, are partly complicating the situation as some sub-suppliers are unable to access the site. We believe that this is only a temporary problem that we will soon resolve in cooperation with the relevant authorities,“ a spokesman for the company Eustream Pavol Kubik said for the portal He says that the works at the site continue in the exteriors under strict hygienic precautions. The commercial launch of the Slovak-Polish gas pipeline is scheduled for early 2022. The costs have been estimated at 142 million euros (for the Slovak part).

Full story in Slovak: Výstavbu slovensko-poľského plynovodu nezastavil ani koronavírus

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