Economy Ministry is working on energy legislation reform

Elektrina, peniaze
Ministerstvo hospodárstva chystá v tomto roku veľkú reformu energetickej legislatívy. Foto: ilustračné, Thinkstock.

Deregulation of energy prices is expected to be kicked off next year. The State Secretary of the Economy Ministry, Karol Galek, assumes this in connection with the transposition of the EU’s winter energy package. Five energy laws are to be amended. „We are working on the energy legislation reform. Our goal is to begin deregulation of energy prices in 2022. We want to enhance competition among suppliers, let other players into the energy market, and ensure energy security,“ Galek said at the press conference on Thursday.

Full story in Slovak: Ministerstvo hospodárstva pracuje na reforme energetickej legislatívy, pripravujú sa na dereguláciu cien

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