Electricity prices could go down as result of tariff reform

Minister žiga
Minister hospodárstva Peter Žiga SITA

The Economy Ministry of the Slovak Republic is considering reforming the tariff for the operation of the system (TPS) which accounts for more than a fifth of the final electricity price paid by consumers. This tariff also includes support for green electricity, electricity generation from national coal, the nuclear disposal levy, or the fee for organizing the short-term electricity market. “It will probably be necessary to review the tariff for the operation of the system and switch to multi-source funding. The tariff would not be paid through electricity prices, but the state budget, or the revenue from the sale of emission allowances,“ Economy Minister Peter Ziga said at the conference on the expected Slovakia’s economic development 2020 organized by the (Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SOPK) on Tuesday. This reform is expected to have a positive impact on final electricity prices. Households and companies would see their electricity bills decline. The impact of the tariff on electricity prices is increasing every year.

Full story in Slovak: Ceny elektriny by sa mohli znížiť, ministerstvo chce reformovať TPS

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