Investors may compete over capacity for green power plants

OZE veterná slnečná energia solárny panel turbína
Ilustračné foto SITA/AP

After several years of the stop-status, the investors interested in the construction of new renewable energy sources in Slovakia may finally connect to the grid now. The Economy Ministry of the Slovak Republic has announced the first green energy auction ever. “The total capacity of 30 MW of green energy will be connected to the grid following the auction, while the price will be decisive. We have been saying for a long time that once we reach an agreement with the grid operator, the stop will be lifted, new capacities will be offered so that more renewable energy sources can be connected to the grid,“ the Economy Ministry informed. The companies interested in the support, which is currently paid by consumers in electricity prices, may submit their bids by April 30, 2020. The maximum electricity price that the ministry will accept is 84.98 euros per 1 MWh for solar and wind energy and 106.80 euros per 1 MWh for all other types of the renewable. “The bids will be assessed only based on the offered price,“ the ministry warned. The facilities with the installed capacity between 500 kW and 10 MW, including, will receive the support. This facility, however, must use renewables, except solar energy. In case of the facility using solar energy, the support will be provided to the installed capacity between 100 kW and 2 MW, included.

Full story in Slovakia: Investori sa môžu pobiť o kapacitu pre nové zelené elektrárne, voľných je 30 megawattov

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