Large amendment to the Act on RES in second reading

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Opposition MPs disagree with the introduction of unclear auctions, G-component and the 15-year support for heating companies.

MPs moved the large amendment to the Act on Support for Renewable Energy Sources and Cogeneration into the second reading. The opposition MPs criticized the amendment in the first reading. MP (SaS) Karol Galek disapproved of several things in the amendment, pointing to the fact that producers of heat and electricity from combined heat and power will once again be allowed to apply for the 15-year support that all electricity consumers will have to pay for. „The support via an additional payment, which is to come to an end, may thus be extended again. I do not understand why we want to continue supporting heating companies. We support something that has no chance to succeed on the market. The amendment allows any producer from combined heat and power to receive a support for another 15 years if the source undergoes the renovation until 2025,“ Galek said. In his opinion, under the amendment, this support will also be given to coal-fired power plants.

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