Minister Sulik will block the sale of SSE Holding

KORONAVÍRUS: Ekonomické opatrenia vlády
Predseda strany Sloboda a Solidarita a minister hospodárstva Richard Sulík. Foto: archívne, SITA/Branislav Bibel.

Economy Minister Richard Sulik opposes the sale of a 49-percent stake in Stredoslovenska Energetika Holding (SSE Holding) to the Hungarian state enterprise MVM. Sulik informed before the Cabinet’s session on Wednesday that he has two reasons to block the sale. “The first is that I see no point in another state acquiring a stake in a Slovak energy company. And MVM is an entirely state company. The second reason is that I do not like what the Hungarian Republic has been undertaking recently,” the minister commented. He will prepare a resolution for the next Cabinet session in which the Cabinet will speak out against the sale of the minority stake in SSE Holding to the Hungarian business MVM. Sulik already presented his steps to the current owner of the 49% interest, the Czech energy group Energeticky a Prumyslovy Holding (EPH).

Full story in Slovak: Sulík zablokuje predaj SSE Holding Maďarom, má dva dôvody

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