Ministry to decide about millions for giving up VSE shares

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The Economy Ministry of the Slovak Republic has not yet made decision on using 35 million euros for giving up the state’s pre-emptive right to acquire the shares of the power company Vychodoslovenska Energetika Holding (VSE). “The use of these funds has not yet been earmarked and the decision on their purpose rests with the Economy Ministry,“ the Economy Ministry’s communication department informed portal The sum will be paid to the state within ten days after the German company E.ON will officially acquire a 49-percent share in VSE from RWE, probably this autumn. The company E.ON already owns a 49-percent share in the company Zapadoslovenska Energetika (ZSE). The state has a remaining 51-percent share in VSE, as well as ZSE. E.ON committed itself in the joint memorandum signed at the end of July that in addition to the sum paid to the state for giving up its pre-emptive right to acquire VSE’s shares, the company, together with the state, will invest at least 1 billion euros into the power infrastructure in Slovakia by 2025.

Full story in Slovak: Milióny za vzdanie sa predkupného práva vo VSE nie sú viazané, o ich použití rozhodne ministerstvo

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