MP to visit Mochovce NPP to find out more information

žiga pellegrini vláda
Zľava: Predseda vlády Peter Pellegrini a minister hospodárstva Peter Žiga počas slávnostného začatia výstavby Prepojovacieho plynovodu Poľsko - Slovensko v priestoroch kompresorovej stanice vo Veľkých Kapušanoch. SITA

Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini reiterated that his government would not permit to put nuclear units that might possibly pose danger to Slovakia and neighboring countries into operation.

Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini has not informed about any delays in the completion of the third and fourth nuclear unit in Mochovce or an increased budget. ”We are keeping an eye on the development of the project and progress of construction works. We are planning to visit the site with the minister again to find out more about the current situation. So far, I have been informed about having enough funds for the completion and launch of the third nuclear unit. Nuclear fuel loading will start soon,“ Pellegrini said after the Cabinet’s session on Wednesday. Prime Minister calls for a professional discussion on this topic without any politicking.

Full story in Slovak: Premiér navštívi Mochovce, chce sa dozvedieť o termínoch a rozpočte dostavby

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