Nafta expands on Ukrainian market

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The company Nafta, which operates gas storage facilities in Slovakia and explores and extracts hydrocarbons, is strengthening its position in Ukraine. The company EP Ukraine, in which Nafta has a 10-percent share and Energeticky a Prumyslovy Holding (EPH) a 90-percent share, has been granted a license to explore and extract mainly natural gas in the Ukrainian projects Grunivska and Ochtyrska, the Ukrainian government decided on Wednesday. The company EPH informed on the portal of the Slovak Gas and Oil Association that its subsidiary EP Ukraine had been chosen based on the evaluation criteria set by the experts, international consulting companies and energy organisations. “We welcome the opportunity to use our financial and technological strength in the dynamic development of the Ukrainian power sector,“ EP Ukraine responded. The company EP Ukraine will now launch an extensive investment program, including seismic measurements and drilling of a significant number of exploratory wells in the first phase. The company will be using local Ukrainian companies and experts for the purchase of services and materials.

Full story in Slovak: Slovenskej firme Nafta sa na Ukrajine darí, získala ďalšie licencie na prieskum plynu

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