New NPP project waits for better situation on power market

Foto: SITA/Tomáš Benedikovič

Slovakia continues with the project of the construction of the new nuclear power plant in Jaslovske Bohunice. A spokesman for Economy Minister Maros Stano informed the SITA news agency that although the project is currently stalled, it does not mean that it was either stopped or abandoned. “Slovak company JAVYS continues with the activities that are part of the pre-preparation stage of the project. We would like to keep this project in such a condition that would allow it to continue once the situation on the electricity market is suitable,“ Stano said. According to the economy ministry, the future of the project depends on economic parameters and the development on the power market. The wholesale electricity price is currently reaching roughly 54 euros per MWh. Energy experts say that the construction of the new nuclear power plant is profitable when the price stands at 80 euros.

Full story in Slovak: Projekt novej jadrovej elektrárne je v útlme, čaká sa na lepšiu situáciu na trhu

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