Robert Fico refuses to comment on Mochovce NPP

Robert Fico
Robert Fico Foto: SITA/Branislav Bibel.

Former Prime Minister Robert Fico, who was a big advocate of the completion of the third and fourth unit of Mochovce NPP is presently silent about the project. Three-time former Slovak Prime Minister who openly claimed that he had pushed Italian investor of Slovenske Elektrarne in 2008, the company Enel, into the completion of new nuclear units in Mochovce does not want to comment on the situation. “This topic is in the power of the Economy Ministry: I recommend addressing directly the ministry,“ a spokesman for Smer-SD Jan Mazgut informed the portal The chairman of still the strongest political party Smer-SD, who clearly pushed through the completion of Mochovce NPP and who repeatedly and publicly threatened the Italian shareholder of Slovenske Elektrarne for the constant delay and postponement of the Mochovce project did not reply to any questions about this project. He did not reply to the question what had caused the project’s delay and the budget increase, who should be held responsible, or what steps the current government should take in this matter. Robert Fico did not reply to the questions sent by the portal whether he still believes that the third and fourth nuclear unit will be completed one day. He also refused to comment on the accusations of the political party Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) which accused him of prolonging the completion and increasing the budget of the completion of Mochovce NPP.

Full story in Slovak: Fico už nechce Mochovce komentovať

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