SE says Austrians continue campaigning against Mochovce NPP

Atómová elektráreň Mochovce
Foto: ilustračné, SITA/Martin Havran.

The power utility Slovenske Elektrarne (SE) rejects the criticism of the Austrian organisation Global 2000 and says that it intimidates and misleads the public. The company responded to the video which captures the explosion of the diesel generator at the Mochovce nuclear power plant published by the Austrian media, informed the portal of the SME daily. According to a spokesman for the company SE Miroslav Sarissky, the campaign of Global 2000 against the commissioning of the third unit in Mochovce continues. “Creating impression that diesel generators are unsafe and may cause the failure of the power plant is close to scaremongering. All diesel generators were completely renovated and went through multiple thorough inspections and detailed tests. They are in an excellent condition and they all have confirmations and certificates of producers and revision technicians,“ Sarissky informed the news agency SITA. He added that Slovenske Elektrarne had performed complex stress tests of diesel generators with a detailed report of all important parameters with a special apparatus during the repeated heating of the primary circuit of the third unit. All tests were analysed in depth and were in full compliance with the required values.

Full story in Slovak: Rakúšania pokračujú v kampani proti Mochovciam, hovoria Slovenské elektrárne o videu z elektrárne

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