Seven criminal offenses are being investigated in Mochovce

Príslušník NAKA
Príslušník NAKA (ilustračné foto) Foto: SITA/Polícia SR

The specialized police team code-named “Electro” is currently investigating seven criminal offenses after the raid at the nuclear power plant in Mochovce. These concern diverse criminal activities. „The criminal offenses include the fraud, violating the duties when administering someone else’s property, favoring the creditor and more,“ Michal Slivka, a spokesperson for the Police Presidium in Slovakia, informed the portal All the criminal offenses that are being subject to the investigation are related to the completion of the third and fourth nuclear unit in Mochovce. Currently, four natural bodies and one legal person have been charged. Slivka says that many other suspicions are being scrutinized. „We would like to remind that all the procedures than can be taken into account for their verification are being carried out and if any criminal offense is proved, the specific persons will be held liable,“ Slivka said. He says that a progress is obvious since the specialized police team carried out three raids in 2019 and one in 2020. „All of the raids have had particular results which means a progress in the investigation, or the charges against specific persons,“ Slovak added.

Full story in Slovak: V Mochovciach vyšetrujú sedem trestných vecí, policajti obvinili piatich

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