Slovaks consume more electricity despite saving measures

Elektrina vedenie
Ilustračné foto.

Slovaks are expected to consume more electricity year after year. While in 2018, they consumed 30.9 TWh of electricity, this year this figure is expected to increase to more than 32 TWh and 33 TWh in 2020. Slovaks are expected to consume 34.4 TWh of electricity in five years, showed the data published by the Economy Ministry. “In 2030, electricity consumption in Slovakia will reach 36.4 TWh along with the average annual growth of 1.23 percent,“ the ministry stated. Electricity consumption is expected to grow despite several saving measures taken by households or corporations. This increase may be ascribed to the economic growth that is still expected in Slovakia. Experts also expect an increase in electromobility and new types of consumption. Slovakia is to gradually become self-sufficient in electricity generation. Slovak energy sources are to generate almost 35 TWh of electricity already in two years, while consumption is to amount to 36.6 TWh.

Full story in Slovak: Elektriny spotrebujeme stále viac, aj napriek úsporným opatreniam

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