Slovaks contributed over €3 bln to green electricity

OZE, obnovitelne zdroje energie
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Slovaks contributed a total sum of more than 3 billion euros to producers generating so-called green electricity over the past eight years. This is the sum Slovaks have already paid via their electricity bills for the electricity generated by renewable energy sources and high-efficiency cogeneration. This is, however, not the final bill. The Regulatory Office for Network Industry does not register the supplemental payment for electricity generated by above-mentioned sources for the years 2009 a 2010. “Under the originally valid legislative, the Office received no information on the amount of generated electricity for the supplemental payment, or the amount of the payment since there was no obligation to publish such data. Therefore, we may provide the data only after the year 2011 when the relevant act was amended,“ a spokesman for the Regulatory Office for Network Industry Radoslav Igaz explained for the portal According to the data provided by the regulatory authority to the portal, Slovak consumers made the highest contribution for green electricity in 2017 when they paid a sum of more than 515 million euros via their bills. In 2011, it was 216 million euros. In 2018, this contribution fell to 475.5 million euros. More than 378 million euros was provided to the renewables and more than 97 million euros to combined heat and power.

Full story in Slovak: Vyše tri miliardy eur. Toľko nás zatiaľ stála podpora zelenej elektriny.

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