Summer Special: Not all politicians support Eastring project

Plyn plynovod eustream
Ilustračné foto eustream, a.s.

Three political parties, Smer-SD, KDH and SaS, promise unambiguous political support for the Eastring project in case of their victory in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Approximately a year ago, Slovak pipeline operator Eustream presented its idea to build a new pipeline Eastring which would connect Slovak village Velke Kapusany with a Bulgarian-Turkish border. The new pipeline would provide an additional way to access the Balkans which would relieve the situation in case of disrupted supplies from a single gas shipment source from this region via Ukraine. The new pipeline would diversify sources, not just transport routes. In this connection, in addition to gas supplies from Russia or West Europe, supplies from Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Cyprus are also discussed. However, Eastring project would not get backing from all Slovak political parties.

Full story in Slovak: LETNÝ ŠPECIÁL:Nie všetkým politikom sa páči projekt Eastring

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