Third Unit of Mochovce NPP enters energy start-up

Atómové elektrárne Mochovce
Tretí a štvrtý blok atómových elektrární Mochovce. Foto: Ilustračné, SITA

The power utility Slovenske Elektrarne continues with the next phase of the commissioning of the third Mochovce nuclear unit. The third unit of the Mochovce NPP has entered the energy start-up phase when the reactor’s power is raised to 5% in the first step, while further tests are carried out. The situations that the nuclear power plant will probably never experience in normal operation are also being simulated. „The power level will be raised gradually, until reaching 100% of the nominal power. At each level, a series of pre-planned tests approved by the Slovak Nuclear Regulatory Authority are performed,“ Slovenske Elektrarne informed. When the reactor power is raised to 20%, and a sufficient amount of steam is produced in steam generators, the first turbogenerator and later the second one will be phased to the grid and the first megawatt-hours of low-carbon electricity will start flowing into the grid.

Full story in Slovak: Slovenské elektrárne pokračujú v uvádzaní tretieho mochovského bloku do prevádzky, prešiel do energetického spúšťania

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