Two former Italian managers at SE still charged with fraud

Foto: Ilustračné foto SITA/Tomáš Benedikovič

The two former Italian managers at the power utility Slovenske Elekrarne are still facing charges. A spokesman for the Police Corps Presidium of the Slovak Republic Michal Slivka informed the portal that the investigation continues and all the procedures needed to clarify the matter properly are being carried out. “The resolution on the indictment came into force after repeatedly supplemented extensive complaints filed by the accused, since the supervising prosecutor dismissed these complaints as groundless,“ added Slivka. The two Italians have been charged for allegedly causing a damage of 22 million euros during the completion of the nuclear power plant Mochovce. The investigation of the former managers working for the Slovak dominant electricity producer will be complicated, the Slovak police admitted. “Regarding the extensiveness, complexity and particularities of the case, such as international aspect, it is evident that the investigation will require numerous procedural operations and a lot of time,“ Slivka said, adding that the planned or previous procedures cannot be specified in the current phase of the investigation.

Full story in Slovak: Bývalí talianski manažéri sú stále obvinení, mali sa v Mochovciach podieľať na miliónových podvodoch

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