UJD inspects Mochovce NPP regularly

Atómová elektráreň Mochovce
Atómová elektráreň Mochovce Slovenské elektrárne

According to the Nuclear Regulation Authority, Austrian non-government organization GLOBAL 2000 is attempting to halt the completion of Mochovce NPP by any means, including scaremongering.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority (UJD) is still leading a so-called Safety Dialogue with the Austrian government on the completion of the third and fourth nuclear unit at Mochovce NPP. “We are continuing the dialogue at the government and expert level. Moreover, in an attempt to maintain a correct and helpful approach which goes beyond the dialogue, the Nuclear Regulatory Authority provides GLOBAL 2000 representatives with detailed information in a written form or in person, last time in February 2019,“ a director of the UJD’s office Miriam Vachova informed the news agency SITA. The authority reiterated that it will not permit the launch of the nuclear facility, which starts with nuclear fuel loading into reactor units, unless all requirements on nuclear safety and the positive results of the tests are carried out. In spite of this, Austrian NGO continues spreading ungrounded allegations.  “We would like to draw attention to the fact that the intention of the Austrian NGO organization is to halt the launch of the nuclear power plant Mochovce 3,4 (EMO3,4) by any means. Therefore, the organization does not hesitate to spread false and misleading information and scaremongering,“ Vachova emphasized.

Full story in Slovak: ÚJD: Mochovce stále kontrolujeme, rakúska mimovládka šíri klamlivé správy

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