Will households have zero VAT on gas?

Sulík, plyn
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Slovakia is considering a reduction in value added tax (VAT) on natural gas. As Economy Minister Richard Sulik (SaS) stated during the question time in the parliament, households may pay zero VAT on gas in 2023 and 2024. With this step, the ministry wants to minimize the increase in gas prices for Slovak households. However, zero VAT has yet to be approved by the European Commission. „Gas prices are rising steeply. The market price of gas is as it is. The price of gas for households will rise by several tens of percent. This can be stifled by temporary zero VAT on gas in 2023 and eventually in 2024, if the EC gives it a green light. We would manage to ensure in this way an increase in gas prices for Slovak households by 10 to 15%. That is the maximum we can achieve. If we fail to do so, the price of gas will rise by one third or more,“ said Sulik, adding that the shortfall from zero VAT on gas for the state budget would amount to about 60 million euros a year.

Full story in Slovak: Dočkajú sa domácnosti nulovej DPH pri plyne? Sulík chce týmto krokom minimalizovať zdražovanie

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