Business Environment Report 2010 Released

BRATISLAVA, August 17, (WEBNOVINY) — The think tank Slovak Business Alliance (PAS) in cooperation with nine independent authors and co-authors, led by Trend Analyses, has completed its report evaluating the business environment in Slovakia in 2010. The report describes the biggest barriers in doing business at present and proposes 180 concrete recommendations to improve the situation. The most important of the recommendations were published and delivered to new Cabinet ministers during the preparations of the program statement of the new government, PAS Director General Robert Kicina told SITA news agency on Tuesday.

The four gravest problems in the business environment in Slovakia remain the same as four years ago: poor enforceability of law, lack of stability and an ambiguity of legislation, excessive burden of compulsory health and social security contributions, and corruption. “The difference is that the problem of corruption jumped from fourth to first place. As much as 52 percent of the respondents labeled corruption as the most decisive problem,” added Kicina. Over 85 percent of the addressed entrepreneurs and managers said that corruption is the decisive or serious obstacle in the operation of their businesses.

The seriousness of problems in the remaining three areas increased, too. The survey participants perceive law enforceability through courts almost equally as in the previous period. Instability, lack of clarity of laws, and the burden of compulsory contributions followed. Three in ten entrepreneurs consider these areas to be the most serious obstacles and five in ten as serious obstacles to their business, the PAS head said. The present situation in public procurement is perceived as the biggest or gravest obstacle to businesses by three in four respondents.


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