President is the Most Trusted Institution

BRATISLAVA, October 19, (WEBNOVINY) — The most trusted institution of the Slovak constitutional system is the president of the Slovak Republic. This stems from results of a research project of the Institute of Public Affairs (IVO) titled Slovak Judiciary in the Eyes of the Public, Experts, and Judges. Within the project, the polling agency Focus polled 1,004 respondents in September. The respondents were asked to say how much they trusted or did not trust the following institutions: president, Justice Ministry, Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Parliament, Cabinet, courts, and the judiciary.

Based on the result, beyond the president, lack of public trust prevails over trust in all of the institutions. Citizens trust courts and the judiciary the least. People have little trust in the Cabinet and parliament, too. Considering the three top institutions whose activity is immediately related with the situation in the judiciary and the rule of law, the Justice Ministry enjoys higher credibility than the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court.

A panel of experts expressed the same opinion as the general public in the case of the judiciary and the Constitutional Court: among 29 experts, 21 percent expressed trust in courts and the judiciary, while 79 percent expressed their distrust. The Constitutional Court is deemed trustworthy by 38 percent of experts, while 59 percent do not trust it.

Experts differ with the general public in the issue of credibility of the Justice Ministry and the Supreme Court, when 83 percent of experts trust the Justice Ministry and 17 percent don’t, while only ten percent of experts trust the Supreme Court and 86 percent do not.

Considering responses of a 37-member judge panel, 68 percent trust courts and the judiciary, while the rest don’t. 59 percent of judges find the Justice Ministry to be a trustworthy institution, while the rest is of the opposite opinion. The only institution where distrust prevails over trust is the Supreme Court, as 46 percent of judges trust it and 54 percent don’t.

The aim of the project is to map opinions of the general public, experts and judges about problems of the Slovak justice system, their causes and potential solutions.


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