Eustream transported more natural gas in 2019

Plyn plynovod eustream
Areál kompresorovej stanice Veľké Kapušany. SITA

The volume of natural gas deliveries through Slovakia increased in 2019. Eustream, Slovakia’s operator of the gas transmission system, transported 69 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2019, an increase by 10 million cubic meters year-on-year. “The above-average transport recorded in 2019 can be ascribed to a stable European demand as well as customers’ attempts to get ready for possible natural gas shortages from Ukraine,“ Eustream assessed the situation with gas transport at the portal of the Slovak gas association Almost 5.99 billion cubic meters of the total transported volume of 69 billion cubic meters of natural gas were directed for the national spot. “According to the data provided by the company SPP-Distribucia, the national consumption reached 4.841 billion cubic meters,“ gas company added.

Full story in Slovak: Firme Eustream sa vlani darilo, aj vďaka opatrnosti zákazníkov prepravila viac plynu

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