INESS analysts suggest selling power companies

Slovensko peniaze euro
Štát schválil investičné stimuly pre firmu v Tvrdošíne, ale aj v Prievidzi. Foto: ilustračné, Getty images

The think tank Institute of Economic and Social Studies (INESS) is suggesting the third wave of the privatisation, the open door for the private capital and, to some extent, also the denationalization in the form on delimitation to villages and regions. This should apply, for example, to companies such as the state run postal services company Slovenska Posta, the rail companies Zeleznicna Spolocnost Slovensko and Cargo Slovakia, the Bratislava airport, the gas utility SPP, electricity distributors, state-owned heating plants, health insurer Vseobecna Zdravotna Poistovna, state hospitals, spa Sliac, Slovenske Plavby a Pristavy and Verejne Pristavy, state forests and land as well as the national lottery TIPOS. The INESS is suggesting exercising the ownership rights by following OECD guidelines which require, in particular strict autonomy of these companies, compliance with market rules and laws, independent management and clear structure of measurable and public goals and rules in the companies that will remain in state hands. Simultaneously, the INESS warns against setting up new state-owned companies or expanding the existing ones.

Full story in Slovak: Analytici z INESS volajú po návrate privatizácie, odporúčajú predaj aj energofiriem

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