Ministry analyses NPP project in Jaslovske Bohunice

Jaslovské Bohunice atómová elektráreň SE
Atómová elektráreň v Jaslovských Bohuniciach. SE,a.s

The future of the new nuclear power plant project in Jaslovske Bohunice is in question. The new leadership at the Economy Ministry of the Slovak Republic is currently analysing the project. “We are learning about the details of the project and considering several solutions,“ the Economy Ministry informed the portal The new nuclear source project has been on the table for more than a decade. However, it has been on hold, since the former leadership at the Economy Ministry was waiting for the better situation on the electricity market. In addition to Slovakia, the Czech company CEZ is also involved in this project. The Czech company is a 49-percent shareholder of the company Jadrova Energeticka Spolocnost Slovenska (JESS) which is responsible for the project. The state-controlled company JAVYS has a majority in JESS. The Czechs are prepared for any decision that the Slovak ministry or the government will made, however, they would like to continue with the project. “We will naturally wait for the particular steps the Slovak government will take. It is still true that the construction of the new nuclear facilities is necessary in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 accepted by EU Member States, including Slovakia. It is important especially for landlocked countries. At the same time, the coronavirus pandemic showed that the self-sufficiency in key commodities, with electricity essential for all activities, is clearly crucial,“ a spokesman for CEZ Roman Gazdik told the portal.

Full story in Slovak: Bude nová jadrovka v Bohuniciach? Ministerstvo analyzuje projekt

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