Ministry may put Bratislava-Schwechat pipeline on ice

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The company Bratislava-Schwechat Pipeline must decide on oil pipeline route until mid-2019.

The company Bratislava-Schwechat Pipeline GmbH, established by Transpetrol (74-percent owner) and Austrian company OMV (26-percent), is left with less time to finish the project of oil pipeline Bratislava-Schwechat. The company is left with only about ten months to finish the project into the implementation phase, including alternative technical, technological and legislative solutions. At the end of 2018, the Slovak government provided the company with 18 months to solve the problems with the pipeline route in Slovakia. “The final decision on the route and the implementation of the Bratislava-Schwechat Pipeline (BSP) must be made,“ a spokesman for the economy ministry Maros Stano informed the portal The resolution of Bratislava issued three years ago is still valid. In the resolution, the capital city clearly shows its negative attitude towards the pipeline project.

Full story in Slovak: Ropovodný projekt Bratislava-Schwechat možno ministerstvo zamrazí

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