Ministry wants to commission Mochovce NPP promptly

Atómová elektráreň Mochovce SE
Atómová elektráreň Mochovce. SE

The Economy Ministry of the Slovak Republic does not acknowledge any possible failure to the completion of new nuclear units in Mochovce. According to the ministry, the third Mochovce nuclear unit must be commissioned as soon as possible, without further increases in the budget. However, the ministry has not specified when the nuclear fuel loading into the third nuclear unit, e.g. commercial operation could start. “The all assets of the company Slovenske Elektrarne are put as collateral and the shares of the Slovak Republic must not be jeopardized. The moment when the power plant starts generating profits instead of further debts is crucial for Slovakia, as it is a 34-percent shareholder of the company,“ the ministry stated for the portal The ministry emphasised that complying with all the safety and environmental regulations in connection with the completion of Mochovce NPP project is an absolute priority. The police continue investigating Mochovce project. The police officers have repeatedly raided the site and accused several persons of economic criminal activity.

Full story in Slovak: Mochovce chce ministerstvo spustiť čo najskôr

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