Overhaul of Gabcikovo hydro-electric power plant distant

Vodné dielo Gabčíkovo. Foto: vvb.sk.

The hydro-electric power plant Gabcikovo will not undergo the general overhaul even six years after being taken over by the state. The new management of the state-controlled company Vodohospodarska Vystavba has cancelled the international tender for the general overhaul of the largest hydro-electric power plant after more than three years. The management of Vodohospodarska Vystavba, which administers the power plant in Gabcikovo, claims that the tender announced in September 2017 had several shortcomings and flaws. “A serious shortcoming of the original wording of the tender is also that it focuses only on a fraction of technological parts and the complex solution is absent, while partial repairs could result in the shutdown of turbo generators even after the completion of their general overhaul which would have a direct impact on financial losses and safe flows through Gabcikovo structures during the Danube floods,“ the company Vodohospodarska Vystavba informed. According to the new management, the tender also included unclear and complex conditions for participation, incorrect definition of terminology and illogical setting. The company is getting ready to announce the new tender.

Full story in Slovak: Nové vedenie, nový tender. Gabčíkovskej elektrárni sa akútna generálka vyhýba

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