Situation on electricity and gas markets unbearable

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The situation on electricity and gas markets is unbearable for several energy suppliers in Slovakia. According to the Association of Energy Suppliers (ZDE), it is increasingly difficult to guarantee to customers not only the prices of electricity and gas but also the stability of supplies. A change in billing could be a solution to the current situation whereby part of the customer’s consumption would be billed not at a fixed price but based on the current price on the spot market. The change would apply to corporate customers, not to households that are subject to regulation. If the spot price increased, the customer would pay more; if it decreased, the customer would save. “This change would not ruin anyone since the overall increase in energy costs would be in a single-digit percentage range. Companies that have prices contracted at extremely beneficial conditions would pay somewhat more, but they would still have supplies secured at unrivaled prices. And today, it is right about the stability of supply,” chairperson of the Association of Energy Suppliers and of the Executive Board Jana Ambrosova commented.

Full story in Slovak: Situácia na trhoch s elektrinou a plynom je neúnosná, slovenskí dodávatelia energií volajú po zmene účtovania

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