Austrian experts satisfied with Mochovce NPP project

Mochovce jadrova atomova
ilustračné foto Foto: SITA/Martin Havran

Austrian experts were leaving the site of the third and fourth nuclear unit in Mochovce with satisfaction, the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (UJD) stated after their visit. “The representatives of Austria highly praised the possibility of visiting the third nuclear unit in Mochovce and directly evaluate the real progress of works related to the areas in question. Experts of both countries highlighted the importance of continual cooperation and exchange of information on nuclear safety and ionizing radiation protection. The meeting was held in the spirit of openness and transparency,“ Miriam Vachova, director of the UJD’s Office informed. The information on the completion of the third nuclear unit will be updated upon the request of the Austria party. The Slovak party provided Austrians with the detailed information, the UJD stated. Austrian experts were interested mostly in the shortcomings of the Mochovce project. They were also interested in the technical access to anchoring elements for seismic resilience of the nuclear units.

Full story in Slovak: V Mochovciach boli rakúski experti, odchádzali informovaní a spokojní

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