UJD gives greenlight to third Mochovce nuclear unit

Atómová elektráreň Mochovce
Atómová elektráreň Mochovce. Foto: archívne, SITA/Martin Havran.

Nothing stands in the way of commissioning the third nuclear unit of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant. The Nuclear Regulatory Authority (UJD) has issued a second-instance decision, allowing the commissioning of the third unit in Mochovce.

The UJD reported that after receiving the decision, Slovenske Elektrarne can start loading nuclear fuel into the third unit. A chairwoman of the UJD, Marta Ziakova, as a second-instance administrative body, rejected the submitted appeal and confirmed the first-instance decision by which the office issued a permit for putting the third unit of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant into operation.

„UJD consistently checked and evaluated all areas, demonstrating the technical and qualitative readiness of the third unit for fuel loading. The readiness of the reactor unit for the loading of the first fuel assembly and the start of active tests had to be demonstrated comprehensively by the investor in all assessed areas,“ the watchdog said.

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